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    Purchase instructions.

    1. Search the item.

    2. Add a basket (in the basket you can add not only one but also a variety of items and in case the shop delivery service is 100 lari in Tbilisi and in case of 200 lari in the region, courier service is free).

    3. If you want to change the number of items, change the number of items in the basket and click on the button to retry. (Recount if you do not set quantity will not change).

    4. Press the button - Payment Form.

    5. Select payment method, choose delivery address or add new address and click Payment button.

    6. If you use the card, enter the card information and press the button - then.


    Shop Courier Service:( Tbilisi)

    1) The "Econom" delivery

    5 kg - 4,5 GEL

     Delivery period - the next working day from subscription;

    The main tariff will be added 2 GEL after the external districts of Tbilisi
    Tabakhmela, Shindisi, Tsavkisi, Mukhiani Cottages,
    Avshiani, Telovani, Tkhinvali, Nasaguri,
    Tsinubani, Village, Lisi, Zahesi, Tskneti,
    Kvemo Ponichala, Zemo Ponichala, Okrokana, Akhaldaba,
    Betania, Kiketi, Kvesheti, Kojori,

    Little Lilo, Big Lilo, Lochini settlement

    2. "Express delivery"
    Package includes quick service delivery.

     Delivery on the day of receiving the order is 18: 00; From Monday
    Including Friday.

    Saturday's Express service is not being implemented.
     The delivery fee (up to 5 kg) is 6 GEL.
     Order will be accepted for the current day till 13:00.

    5 kg - 6,00 GEL

    2. Georgian Post.(Tbilisi and Regions)

    Tbilisi and Regions: You will receive an address to the address indicated by you (or you or any adult) if the courier who arrives at the address does not meet an adult person then the item will be sent to the city mail (at the nearest branch of the address you specify), During the working day idzliat go to the post office and take the item, and have your identity card, five working days after the item is returned. The cost of the delivery will be calculated by the weight of item (items) after the address of the address.

    Delivery terms:

    Standard: 3 - 6 working days.

    Express delivery: 1 - 4 working days.

    Delivery prices:

    Standard: 5 kg up to 4,50 GEL, each kg +1 GE:

    Express delivery: up to 5 kg 6 GEL, each next kg is 1,5 GEL.

    Payment Methods:

    Payment Card: Use any bank's secure payment system

    Cash remittance only to the botanic's private courier: pay the money to the courier (pay can only be ordered at a cost of less than 300 GEL) Please have the exact amount.

    On invoice: by transfer from payment machines or by transferring money to a bank account.